LockStockCanada is about sharing a real-life story of a young couple and their dog who moved to Canada to start a new life. Their stories and experiences hope to help other permanent residency aspirants understand what it takes to get here, and what it means to build a new life in Canada. 

Sandeep is an artist and explorer who is always looking to meet new people, explore new places and design great things. He is passionate about popular tech, and can mostly be found on Quora giving free advice to people.

Sharmila is a laser focused project management professional, who loves to take on new challenges. She is a creature of routine and a fitness freak. She loves to travel and is secretly making a bottom less bucket list of all the places in Canada she’d like to visit.

Maya is a female doberman masquerading as a rabbit. She’s got more energy than most people can handle, and always wins at staring contests. She loves soft balls, guzzles any food in seconds, and snores like a human. 

Follow our journey on this website, and social media to get some insights about getting here and thereafter. We encourage you to leave behind your feedback, comments, ideas, and queries.